Monday, March 24, 2008

My New Babies

With the help of the girls at work, I have decided what my new pet is going to be. Ever since I was little I have been a big fan of all animals BIG and small! I always liked any kind of small creature and rodents and have had pretty much every kind of small pet growing up. I have had rats, a guinea pig, hamsters, even a hedgehog. I have decided to get 2 baby sugar gliders. They are very social creatures and love to be around people and their own kind. The are super active and can become depressed without companionship. They are nocturnal so they will stay awake most of the night and sleep during the day while I am at work. I can play with them in the evening when I get home from work till around 1 AM when I go to bed. I am very excited about these new creatures and think they will be so much fun. I have been working all weekend on their cage and almost have it complete. They will have a hammock, edible tiki hut, branches to jump from and to, and a comfy cloth sleeping box. The new babies won't be here in Lubbock for a week and a half so I will get to pick them up in about 2 weeks.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Fun

I got to hang out with my beautiful 2 year old niece last night and it was so much fun. She is so silly and incredibly smart. Her name is Paige.
Paige got some brand new pajamas with princess' on them, equipped with wish granting wand and all. She is just like a little parrot repeating EVERYTHING anyone says. Being around her is always entertaining and I can't wait to have my own kids one day!

It's been 3 months and counting since the new gym I joined was supposed to be open for business. They were going to be open for business in January, but it is now March 13th and there is still no equipment. They have been having classes throughout the day, and I was really into one of the "Cross Fit" classes. I did the classes for about 3 weeks, at least 3 times a week, but they have gotten so over crowded that I have let myself slack and not attend. I keep saying, "I'll start working out a lot as soon as they get all the equipment" but I've now decided I'm tired of waiting. Yesterday I started my new work-out plan while waiting for the gym to be up and running. Also with the weather being so beautiful I have been dying to get outside and be active. I took an afternoon jog from Milwaukee and 98th street to my sister's house on Frankford and 101st. It was only about a mile but not bad for someone who hasn't done any jogging in quite some time. It was so nice to be out in the sunny weather and taking in the scenery. This is hopefully going to be one of my new habits.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I finally figured it out!

It's only been like 6 months since I got my sprint mogul phone and tonight was the first time I actually figured out it's uses besides just making calls and texting. I finally took the mogul box, equipped with cords and CD out of the backseat of my car, and synced it with my computer. I can now exchange pictures and ring tones back and forth between my phone and computer. I am sooooo excited about it. I am not very good with electronics and I was finally able to figure it out all by myself. I feel so enlightened now. The only ring tones I had on my phone were the ones that were sent to me, but now I can put any songs straight from my lap top right to my phone. Now the only thing left to figure out is how to send picture texts to other people. This discovery makes me feel so great!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Game Night!

Tonight was our second "Kadiza Game Night." This time we decided to make it co-ed. (Our first one was girls only.) We also decided to invite a couple other friends as well which made it a fun night. We had a great time. Joseph let me use his house to play hostess, and we had hot dogs and snacks. Most of the guys decided to play "31" while the ladies went for more sophisticated games to test out our skill like Mad Gab, Buzz Word, and Apples to Apples. I bought the new Music Catch Phrase but it proved to be very challenging. I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends. I can't wait for the next game night!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nice Stache!!!

Here's the Birthday girl looking beautiful as ever!

I LOVE THEME PARTIES!!! This weekend was Lisa's 22nd Birthday party and it was such a blast. It was a mustache party! Who besides someone as awsome as Lisa could come up with a theme like that! I love her free spirit. She is such a fun person! Here's most of the crew showing off
their mustaches!

This by far might be
the funniest guy I have
ever met! This is Lisa's
friend John! OMG! I
don't think I have
laughed so hard in a
long time!!!

Here are the Kadiza girls looking HOT with their mustaches!
As you can tell, we got pretty creative with our mustache hair! That's what
we do! You know if we can make a mustache look good, just
think what we could do to your hair!

Joseph even dressed up for the occasion with a little persuasion of course. I'm not ahuge fan of REAL facial hair becuase it always hurts when you get a kiss, but I don't
think he looks too bad with a "biker" mustache! I don't think he would like me with a
"stache" though! We had an amazing time! Thanks Lisa!

So in honor of Lisa's Birthday, I had to make an appropriatly themed cake. This is the Lisa Glenn special equipped with mustache and all. Every single body part on the cake was made from candy, so the whole thing was edible. I used everything from black licorice (which I hate) for eyebrows, gum balls for eyes, and wax lips! I have become the slef-proclaimed cake decorator for all the birthdays and special events at the salon. I absolutly love it! So if you have a birthday coming up, just let me know and I would LOVE to make you a cake! HA

All in all, we had an AMAZING time and such a blast. Thank you to Lisa, and her
"roomates" Big Vick and Mikey for always being such amazing hosts! Can't wait for
more hot wings and pickle-O's. Stay tuned for more themed parties. Next on the
agenda we have "Tall-Tee and 40's" party and "Cinco De Mayo." We are having our
first co-ed "game night" Monday night and I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Green With Envy...

While blog searching today, I realized how much my blogging skills need improving. There are so many amazing stories I read on here everyday and I wish that my life were somewhat more eventful. The common thread I see in each interesting blog is that the best stories are about children. Kids do so many hilarious things. Maybe in a few years my blog will improve when I have a couple fun kids to write about.
On a second note, I also noticed that I am not any good at the internet hairstyle game either. I tried on several styles because I have seriously been considering going from my black locks to blonde. It has been quite a while since my hair has been light. All the styles I wanted were blonde and long with curls. I did do one digital style that was with dark hair and sad to say it looked much better than the blonde. But it's just a digital image so I won't base my decision on that alone. I'm leaving my hair up to the person who knows best, my boss Natalie! It will be her job to decide what we should do with it. I'm very excited for a change, even though my hair style now has been probably the easiest I have had so far and I have actually been able to fix it. I'll post a picture as soon as I get some color in it. It will take me quite a while to get all the way blonde, so it will be a lengthy process.

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Hairstyles!

I saw this cool web site on Natalie's blog and just had to copy it. I've been wanting to go back blonde with my hair for the summer and this is a way to get an idea of how it might look. I still need to improve on my tan, but I'm working on it. Let me know what you think???

We Did It!

Today was a very exciting day for Jospeh and I! We just closed on a brand new house! Although I won't be living there yet or helping with the payments, it will be our home together when we get married. We will be able to start a family there. I am so proud of my amazing boyfriend. He's only 22 and he already owns his 2nd house and his own business. What an awesome guy! I couldn't be more proud

I LOVE this part of the house. For some reason I am always drawn to the bathrooms of new homes. The master bathroom has a huge stand up shower with glass doors, a man's and ladies' closet (Woo-hoo! I will have my very own HUGE walk-in closet all to myself one day soon.) This is me with me very own set of house keys and Betenbough also gave us a nice keychain to go with it! I am amused by the simplest things!

Jo and I in our new kitchen! There is so much space in there and tons of cabinet space. He moves in on Wednesday and we just can't wait!