Friday, April 25, 2008


A - Attached or Single: Attached to Joseph my fiance!

B - Best Friend: Joseph! I can talk to him about anything!

C- Cake or Pie: EITHER!!! I love them both. If it's pie it has to have ice cream on it!

D - Day of choice: Sundays becuase I get to relax with family!

E - Essential Item: My DOG!

F - Favorite Color: Pink

G- Gummy Bears or Worms: Neither really, but if I had to choose it would be Worms!

H- Hometown: Lubbock, Tx

I - Indulgence(s): Ice Cream

J - June: when my wedding will be next year!

K- Kids: I want 4!

L - Life is incomplete without: God, Joseph, and a sense of accomplishment about something!

M - Memories: Vacations with my Dad every summer to different places!

N- Number of Siblings: 1 a sister, Lindsey

O - Oranges or Apples: Apples mostly but I like a good orange every now and then.

P - Phobias or Fears: Drowning, Snakes

Q - Quotes: ???

R - Reason to smile: I have a wonderful guy, job, friends, and family.

S - Season: Spring and Summer

T- Tag-I don't have anyone to Tag, how sad!

U- Unknown fact about me: I can do the pretzel with my body!

V - Very favorite Store: Wal-Mart, Old Navy (So many good deals at both.)

W- Worst habit: Nail biting but I am breaking it!

X- X-ray or Ultrasound: neither, never broken a bone!

Y - Your favorite food: Pasta at Cafe J

Z - Zodiac: Scorpio

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God is so good!

The Lord is so very good. Today was such a beautiful day blessed with rain! Yes rain!!! My prayers have finally been answered and we have received beautiful rain for a whole day now. My favorite type of weather is when it is rainy and foggy outside while a continuous drizzle goes on throughout the day. For most people, this type of weather would make them want to stay in bed and put them in a bad mood, but for me it does the complete opposite. I love being out and about in it, and watch it pour down all day. I always get the compelling feeling to go out and dance around in it, but I'm often way too busy to take the time to do it. We have needed the rain so very badly, and the Lord has finally answered all the prayers of any West Texan around. I had just watered my lawn hours before the rain began, even though someone told me we were going to get rain. Of course I didn't believe them and thought they were crazy! Much to my surprise and complete joy, they were right. What better way to start off my morning but to wake up to the sound of raindrops and thunder. I love it! Keep pouring down rain, and never stop!

Dear Lord,
Thank you so very much for such a beautiful day. Thank you for the rain, and the spring plants coming into bloom. The beauty of this world is so amazing and wonderful. Thank you for
letting me be here on this earth to enjoy its beauty and help me
to live my life to serve you Father. You have blessed me with so
many amazing things and great people in my life and I am forever
grateful to you. You are a kind and generous God. Please teach me
to show you to others through my actions. I enjoy the rain, and
flowers, and all the beauty around me. Thank you for creating me
and letting me be a part of this world. I love you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Getting Hitched!!!

What an amazing weekend. Where do I start? Joseph and I left on Saturday April 5th, which is also our 3 year anniversary, to head to Ruidoso for a romantic weekend. We got there about 1:oo in the afternoon just in time for lunch. We ate at Casa Blanca, a local Mexican Restaurant. At 3:30 we were scheduled for a couples hot stone massage. Talk about relaxing! It was so amazing just being able to lay there and relax for an hour. We had some down time after the massage, so we checked into our cabin and relaxed until time to get ready for dinner. Our hot tub was way too hot to get into, (it was 116 degrees) so I settled for the massive bathtub that might as well be called a hot tub! We had reservations for dinner at 8:00 at the Texas Club. Talk about some amazing food! I can't say enough amazing things about this place! The service was phenomenal, and the steaks were to die for. Joseph didn't say much during dinner, but I would soon find out why. Once the plates were cleared and the check was delivered, a HUGE surprise came! While I was in the middle of signing the ticket, Joseph came over to look at it, and knelt down beside me. I had absolutely no idea what he was doing and didn't put two and two together. I told him to go sit down, and that I could handle signing the ticket myself. Much to my surprise, when I looked back at him, this is what I saw.....
A gorgeous, shiny engagement ring! I am pretty sure I took the ring out of his hand before he even had a chance to ask the question. He finally did and of course I said YES! What an exciting night!

The next day we slept late, had breakfast, and decided to play some miniature golf! It was so much fun. Joseph beat me by one point. We had a blast just being together.

We ate so much great food over the weekend. It was great just being with the man I love and making incredible memories together! Sunday night we had dinner at the buffet at Inn of the Mountain Gods. We had planned to stay far away from the casino, but I just couldn't help it. We decided to just go in and spend $50 each. We sat down at a blackjack table and like always, Joseph was out within 20 mins. I did really well at first and was up to about $100 but eventually lost all but $15 of it. We were just about to cash out and run with our whole $15, when the gambler in my new fiance kicked in and our lack of will power triumphed over our good intentions. We decided to play just a little but more. Lucky for us, we sat down at the Flamming Sevens Slot machine and low and behold, $40 and 30 mins later I had hit 3 flamming sevens in a row and ding, ding, ding.... $1000! Holy Cow! I have never won anything gambling so I was sooooo excited! We ended up winning about $1300. Here's how we celebrated....

Theres nothing like cheesecake and champagne before a nice dip in the hot tub to celebrate the ending to a great weekend. This has been one of the most amazing weekends of my life, and I am so happy to finally be engaged to the man of my dreams!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bowling Night

Last weekend we had a
Kadiza Bowling Night! We went to Brunswick and played a couple games. Joseph, Angel, and Jessica were always the top 3 scorers'. We always have so much fun when we are together. It's such a blessing to find such an awesome group of people to be around.

Ruidoso here we come!

I'm headed off in the morning for a nice weekend get away to Ruidoso with Joseph! We are going to spend a few nights in a beautiful cabin and do nothing but relax and take it easy for our 3 year anniversary. Our only plans consist of eating, sleeping, and getting an amazing Hot Stone Masage. Our cabin is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with an outdorr hot tub and jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. We really needed some time away for some much needed R and R! I can't wait to get down there and just enjoy some quality time with my honey.