Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I had to share some pictures of these little cuties all dressed up for Halloween. I don't think their costumes spooked anyone, but they sure looked cute.
Cowboy in his sailor shirt.

Gina the Bee and Nugget the Pumpkin

Family Photo Time

Nugget was a great model in his costume. Better than his sister.
This is definently their personalities, Gina is mad and pouty and Nugget is happy go lucky!

Kim's Anual Halloween Party

Friday October 30th was Kim's anual Halloween party and once again it was a blast. The costumes get better every year and I love to see what everyone comes up with. The spooky snacks were endless and delicious. Thanks Kim for always going all out! We had a blast!

Here's everyone in their awesome costumes. Nick and Natalie as Alice and the Mad Hatter, Joe and I as The Birds and Bees, Jess as a Dallas Cowboy football player, Kim the witch, Lisa as a twirler, and Aaron and Lindsey as themselves.

Here's my favorite picture of my sweet husband dressed like a chicken. I love his smile!


Happy Halloween!!!

We had a pumpkin carving party at Homer and Cecilia's house on Wednesday before Halloween. There were tons of good food and Halloween treats. Adam and Meghan and Joseph's parents joined us for the party. My pumpkin I carved was a Pug and all the pumpkins turned out great.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up

It has been entirely too long since my last post, so why not take the time catch up while I recover from getting my wisdom teeth out. The surgery actually went really well and only took about 45 minutes to finish. I have felt pretty good most of the day, just drowsy and sleepy. I thought I was doing so well that I think I moved around a little too much and made myself feel a little sick. Now I am sitting here on the couch, doing absolutely as little as possible and thought I would do a little blogging.

Joseph and I, and his parents took a fun trip to Vegas October 9th for fun and to celebrate Joe's birthday. I was a nice getaway and we had a great time. We went to a couple of small shows like Tony and Tina's Wedding, Price Is Right and we went and tried indoor skydiving. There was a lot of good food and shopping. We went to our favorite place in Vegas to eat called Hugo's that my Aunt introduced us to and hung out downtown at the Freemont Experience. We didn't have much luck at the casinos, but it was great spending time with loved ones.