Monday, June 1, 2009


We added a new member to our little family this weekend.

Meet Nuggett!

He is a male, tan Pug and he is already so well behaved at only 11 weeks old. He was born March 4, 2009. He was definently an impulse buy but we are already in love with him and Gina loves having someone more her size to play with.

He already fits in so well at our house and slept straight through the night the first night we had him. He slept right next to me in bed of course.

He got his first bath, got into my mom's pool, and went and played at the lake.

Maybe we will have little pug babies someday!

San Antonio

Memorial weekend Cecilia and I went to San Antonio to visit Mara and have a girls weekend. We had way too much fun. I visited the San Marcos outlet mall for the first time and that was a huge highlight to my trip. We went to the Coach outlet and bought the boys some new clothes from Polo. I even found a good deal on some Armani Khaki pants for Joseph to wear in our up-coming pictures next Monday. We had dinner on the River Walk one night and floated the river. What a fun time. I didn't get many pictures from the trip becuase I was memory card-less, but here are a few from Cecilia's camera!