Monday, March 29, 2010

Awesome Day

Today was an awesome day. From start to finish, it was just plain great. I started my day out with a volunteer project (one of many) that our church, Experience Life, was putting on. We went to Wheatley Elementary where we hosted a luncheon and gave gifts to all the staff. It was really great getting to do something nice for these amazing teachers and staff. It was really rewarding and fun to help out. I have also signed up to deliver Starbucks coffee and snacks to the staff at several ER's in Lubbock.

SERVOLUTION 2010 Check it out!!!

Once I got home from the project, I came home to find my Pug in labor. We knew Gina would be expecting 5 babies sometime soon. Last night she was not feeling very good and I thought she was going to have them in the middle of the night. We got really lucky that she started having the puppies in her bed we had set up for her in the laundry room. There were 3 black pug babies in the dog bed when I got home, and 10 minutes after that she had another one. I watched the birth of the 4th and it was pretty crazy. She had number 4 around 3 PM and didn't have the last one until 8:30 at night. I was scared that she wasn't going to have the last one, but it all turred out good. We ended up with all black pugs, 3 females and 2 males. I am very glad that momma and all babies are doing great!

Here's little mamma the night before the babies came. She was exhausted and didn't feel very good.

To end the evening, I finally cooked my husband dinner again for the first time in what seems like forever. We had poppy seed chicken, green bean casserole and a blueberry jello salad. It was good, and it felt great to get back in the kitchen and not eat out every meal. Jessica and I went to prayer group at church tonight and it was a good, uplifting service. Joseph and I finally got back to the gym this evening and we actually feel accomplished today. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Recap

March has already flown by, and I have not blogged a single post in the whole month. Natalie's Blurb (blog) book can in the other day, and I was jealous. It looked so good, so it has now inspired me to keep up with my blog so I can have a wonderful book to enjoy and to remember each year as it goes by. Yesterday was a slow day at work so I took the time to put together my 2009 Blurb book. I worked on it for about 2 hours and it looks pretty awesome. I am excited to get it in the mail soon.

A lot has happened in March. Joseph and I celebrated our one year anniversary on March 7th. What a crazy year it was. I really enjoyed being married, even with the hard times. We got our wedding album in the other day and it looks great. I made Joseph take so many different pictures in our wedding attire because I LOVE pictures. We did a "Trash the Dress" session and a "Day after" session that really took place a few months after the wedding.

Life has been so busy lately. Lots of things going on. God is doing some amazing things in our life. We have been so blessed with how well Joseph's business has been doing and my work life has been so fun. I am lucky to get to work with such amazing girls every day.

We began going to Experience Life Church late last year and we are hooked. I have never felt like I fit in and belonged to a church so much, but I can't get enough. I voulenteer with the 3 year olds every other Sunday teaching their class and it is a blast. The kids are so funny and love to see you every week.

Our Pug Gina is pregnant, due any day now. It has been stressful having a pregnant dog and never knowing when she might go into labor. We will be having 5 baby pugs and already have severeal friends who want to have one of the babies. It is a really exciting time.

Now I feel a little more caught up on my blogging.