Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Is Here

My favorite time of the year is finally here..... HALLOWEEN! I love everything about it. The colors, the decorations, the costumes and parties, and of course the candy! My birthday is also right around Halloween so it is an extra reason to celebrate. This year we have a lot of events to attend. This Saturday we are going to a Halloween Party at Kim's house and I can't wait. We are still trying to decide on Joseph's costume. Here are the choices so far so maybe you can help us decide.

My Birthday party will be on November 1st at my house and hopefully everything will go smooth. Several of us went with a Disney Character theme for our costumes. Here is my inspiration.......

The Little Mermaid

Happy Halloween to everybody. Trick-Or-Treat!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joseph's 23rd Birthday

We celebrated Joseph's 23rd Birthday last Thursday. I tried to put together a surprise party for him at his house and it is quite a job to pull one over on Joseph. He kept asking me a few days before, "when's my surprise party?" "Who all is coming to my surprise party?" and I am the worst at acting like nothing is happening. The day of the party I came up with a plan... I met him at his house around 6:00 PM and planned to take him to the "restaurant" around 6:45 so that everyone could arrive and I could bring him back at 7:15. I drove him all the way to Dion's Pizza and then told him I forgot my purse so we would have to go back home to get it so I could pay. It was a good plan and he believed it. It was still a little early to take him back so I stalled by having him show me some new cars. When we got to the house, everyone had hidden their cars and I almost didn't believe anyone was there. It was a lot of fun and I was so excited that everyone came.

Happy Birthday babe. I hope your day was as special and amazing as you are. You deserve the best. I love you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruidoso Weekend

We went to Ruidoso for Joseph's Birthday weekend and for the car show that takes place down there. We went with Joseph's family, his mom, dad, brother, Cecilia, and his uncle and the two of us. We had a really great time. The weather was beautiful and very fall like, the scenery was georgous, and the company was fun. Joseph's dad and uncle both took an old hot rod with them to enter into the car show. His dad has a 1929 Roadster and his uncle took a 1930's model Ford Woody which is completly made of wood and has 2 seats in the front and the back looks like an old paddy-wagon. It was really cool to see all of the old cars that were there. I found my favorite... Here it is! A magenta pink car, I couldn't tell you what it was. I'm more into the colors and what it looks like than I am into the specifics like the motor type and model. Ha Ha! I could definently drive this car.
Here are the two cars that we took down with us.

The woody....

and the roadster.

We were able to take our puppy Gina with us on our vacation this time which was so much fun. Homer and Cecilia also brought their dog Cowboy and they had so much fun playing. We got Gina her Halloween coustume at a really cute dog store down there. She is going to be a bumblebee this year!

She did really well riding in the car and was on her best behaviour.......

We had an amazing dinner at the Texas Club, the same place where Joseph proposed to me. The steaks were amazing and it was nice returning to the place where we got engaged!

We spent one night at the Casino at Inn of the Mountain Gods. Although we didn't have any luck at the card tables or the slot machines, we did see something pretty exciting. Sitting there at the blackjack table was none other than.......

That's right. Shia LaBeaouf!!! How crazy. Although he looked more like this when we saw him.....
I'm pretty sure he was wearing this exact blue dodgers sweat shirt. They are filming Transformers 2 right there in Ruidoso. It was wild seeing a celebrity just hanging out being normal. No one really knew who he was. What an exciting trip. We had a lot of fun.