Thursday, July 10, 2008

We just got back from our vacation to South Padre Island and San Antonio. We had a really good time and enjoyed being away from the stress and busy-ness of home. It rained on us most of the vacation so we only managed to squeeze in a few hours on the beach. For the fourth, we spent some time swimming and the kids searched for sea shells, then we went to the go-kart / bungee jump place to get a little closer to the fireworks. When the fireworks were done, we went to a bar called Live Bait and enjoyed some drinks and live music from Johnny Lee. We ended the night with a night stroll on the beach.

We took a day tour to Matamoros, Mexico to shop around. Here is the whole gang. Along with Joseph's parents, brother and Cecilia, his uncle, cousin, his girl-friend and her 3 kids went along on the trip with us. I was a little concerned at first how it would all work out having such a big group, but it was a lot of fun. Having the kids around always brightened everyone's day. They were truly amazing kids and I had so much fun playing with them.

Fireworks and Red, White, and Blue for the Fourth!

Here is me and Johnny Lee at Live Bait. He is a really awesome musician and such a great performer. We had so much fun listening to him and dancing the night away.
Matthew really became attached to Joseph, or as he liked to call him when
he would bang on our door in the morning to wake us up, JoJo! Matthew is
such a cool kid. We can't wait to have someone like him around in a few years!
We are going to get to babysit Matthew sometime next week and I can't wait
to hang out with my new little buddy again. The trip really ended up being
such a great time!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We are leaving tomorrow evening to go to South Padre Island for the 4th of July! YEAH!!! We are driving to San Antonio to pick up Cecilia (my long lost friend) then heading to our rented condo on Thursday. I am excited to go back. South Padre was the first vacation I took with Joseph and his family 2 and a 1/2 years ago so it will be exciting to re-live that trip. That was the trip where Cecilia and I first really hung out and became friends. Awww, memories! I am so excited to lay on the beach and relax and just spend time with family and good friends. We will also spend a day or two in San Antonio so we will get to see Mara and Drake and their houses down there. I can't wait!